YooTalent brings your Human Ressources management needs together in one place. It's simple, smart and efficient for modern teams.

We set up a 2 days workshop in order to understrand the project and their expectations, build a user mapping and finally sketch solutions. I was also the UI designer of the project, I proposed a design which matched to the wants and needs of Yootalent team.


UX Designer / UI Designer at NiceToMeetYou

Methods & Tools

UX Workshop / Prototyping / Figma / Invision

Link to the project

Coming soon !

twitch-redesign twitch-redesign


Their logo is colorfull and they wanter to use those colors in the interface, I had to find a solution to use them all without losing usability.

In order to keep the website understandable I decided to keep the blue for interactions and used the other colors as shapes which follow the user in his experience.

Game Design

They claim their application is inspired by game design. So I add colorfull and fun icons to keep this aspect.

I think the alternating dark blue and white backgrounds helps to read and accentuate the game design and match well with colors shapes.

twitch-redesign twitch-redesign


Pricing had to be very clear to the user. I wasn't easy because it's a freemium software, one application is free and you can add the others you need. However, thoses premium application cost a price depending of the number of users.

The users will tell us if the solution we proposed is well designed

Autoplay video

We present the software with short autoplay video. I think users pay more attention to visual and animated content. You should always consider the user will not read