Twitch redesign

Twitch became a great actor of streaming platform but I had this feeling they could improve the interface and the navigation system. For example, you can't search a game or a channel without leaving the one you're watching.

The design I propose give more spaces to the user. The informations and the divisions appear easily. The background is dark because I think it gives a more confortable interface to watch stream. I also rethink the menu in order to make it more effective.





twitch-redesign twitch-redesign


The actual twitch design provide too much information on pages. As a result the interface is lacking of empty spaces. The space help to highlight the divisions and the content.

The white color doesn't suit to a webpage you still watching for hours. it hurts the eyes. I chose a dark interface in order to showcase the streaming video. The confort is much better for eyes and for viewing experience.


Thin line icons suit well with the minimalist design. I added an additional color. The purple is part of twitch identity but in a dark environment I needed an other tonic color. The blue and the green suit well with purple.

twitch-redesign twitch-redesign

The navigation

The navigation is the biggest problem of the actual Twitch. You can't search for games or channels without leaving the streaming page you're watching.

I propose an extendable navigation where you're able to search anything without leaving the page.

Discover new channels

Finally, I redesigned the twitch discovering channel functionality in the index page. first you can select a game, then discover new channels about this game or simply discover the selection of streams about any game.