Ownix, the mashup platform

I was watching some videos of mashups made with the launchpad. A digital device with plenty of buttons which allow you to attached a sound on it and play it once or on a loop. I found it great so I checked the price.. oh god. But I was wondering, I've got a keyboard why can't I use it instead of a launchpad ? I didn't found any application to attached my sound files and to do it.

So I think about a platform to do it with my keyboard, I made a prototype and improve my idea with a platform mockup, cool ideas (streaming sounds import) and a name, Ownix.


Illustrator / HTML / CSS / JavaScript / My brain

ownix ownix ownix ownix ownix ownix

Infinite sounds possibilities

The aim was to give to the user a large sounds library. I know it could be a huge problem especially with rights on propriety but I think the most effective platform should allow people to import sounds from all streaming platforms.

The user drag and drop the piece of sound he wants, from his computer or any streaming platforms.


Users have the opportunity to edit the file with simple tools and share it on the platform or on any other streaming platform.