Nordnet is an internet service provider by satellite. They set up a partnership building with the TV show "Koh Lanta" in order to make themself known. They diffused a billboard before the TV show and ask for a communication operation on the web.

We proposed them to build 7 shot games in 3D (similar to Koh Lanta) with rewards for players. I made the entire 3D models, I built several islands in low poly and add animations to make the environment alive.


UX Designer / 3D modeling at NiceToMeetYou


3DS Max / Figma

Link to the project
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Low Poly

Low Poly 3D models are the easiest solutions to build a 3D game on browser nowadays. 3D is heavy and you will always try to optimize the performance.

WebGl is a great technology to build 3D experiences but you should be careful of animations, it burns so fast your performances.

The game is working on mobile phone. However I had to reduce the number of polygones of my scene to keep a fluid experience.


I set up the lights directy in the WebGl, It gives to the world a stronger credibility with days and nights enrivonments.