Éclat d'ôktet

As part of my studies, I worked on a browser serious game. We wanted to give users an idea of the immersion into virtual reality. The perception of being physically present in a non-physical world.

We build a 3D/2D game with a scenario based on an investigation. The player visit 7 worlds where he learns knowledge about virtual immersion.


Lead UI designer / lead 3D Modeling


Illustrator / 3DS Max / HTML / CSS / jQuery / WebGL

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The player interact with objects and non-player character in order to achieve tasks and progress in the game.

He cross the environment of each 7 planets. It's similar to super mario bros on this point.

3D navigation

You switch of planet thanks to a webGL navigation where the 7 3D planets are rotating on themself. I made them on 3DS Max in low poly. The low poly suits really well to those type of games. Somewhere it gave a better 3D rendering than a more realistic one.

eclat-oktet eclat-oktet eclat-oktet


The sound is one of the best important part of a game because of the immersion it provides. We added many famous quotes and character in order to make the user laugh but also to illustrate our content.

Players can play the sound when they are sitting next to the character. Each world has its own ambiant music and the actions in the game trigger many sounds.


Characters, pictures, optional information points. We made sure you learn something about the virtual reality.The player gets objects and he have to understand it to progress in the game. It was really important for us to communicate knowledge through content.