Design Centre

As part of my first internship in England, We worked in duo on an online portfolio for the design centre. We also had to design the entire book presenting student's works for the event "The degree Show".

We decided to made an home made portfolio, with a personalised back office. The real challenge was the book, we had to find a strong concept and to match it with student's work. We finally worked on the concept "flourish". The idea to grow up.


UI / UX Designer / Developer / Graphic Designer


Design Centre - University of Sunderland


Illustrator / Photoshop / Indesign / HTML / CSS / jQuery / PHP

design-centre design-centre design-centre design-centre

The Website

We wanted a clean and sober portfolio where the main visual attraction is the students projects. Therefore, we made a responsive gallery with all the works.

You can select a degree you want to see as "Advertising and Design and explore.

The back office is hand made, teachers can upload, modify and delete works from their students easily.

The catalogue

We worked on the concept "flourish". We like that flourish has several meanings. It's the idea of grow up but it is also a graphic shape, we made many moodboards in order to find the best design.

design-centre design-centre design-centre design-centre

Grow up and fly away

On the cover we wanted something which gives the idea to fly away. We finally found that blur circle shape reminds bubbles floating and it suits well with flourishes.

Each degree has his own letters and we added flourishes around, a single flourish which grow up from the main letter is an image of students growing up in the Design Centre.

Students' Works

Students' works were hard to match because they had differents sizes. We had to match 4 or 3 works per page and it was a real challenge because we care about size but also about the design. The page should has a coherant harmony.